I present to you a rich collection of prominent Bulgarian artists, some of the great names in Bulgarian painting, who worked in the late 19th century, in the first half of the 20th century and up to present days. Here you will meet masters of oil painting, as well as artists who have perfected watercolor, lithography, monotype and mixed techniques. Some of them have left us over 15,000 creations – graphics, sculptures and painted ceramics. They work in the portrait and landscape genres; divide their creations into periods according to the composition of the works. Others change radically their style of drawing to grotesque imagery, for example, or use very expressive colors.

These are the ONES with hundreds of exhibitions in prestigious galleries around the world – in New York, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Tokyo, Toronto, Moscow, Athens, Brussels, Basel, Lausanne, Venice and Luxembourg. Their works are owned by the National Center for Contemporary Art in the Louvre, the Pushkin Museum in Moscow and the Tokyo Imperial Collection.

Artists from the collection of CAFÉ SOCIETY BY AA – ART AND CRAFTS:


Works in the genres portrait, naked body, landscape, still life and figural composition with historical, biblical, mythological and contemporary narratives.

Favorite artist of the Bulgarian royal family. He exhibited his works alongside Picasso and Van Gogh.


Zlatyu Boyadzhiev is among the most interesting and sought-after Bulgarian artists. His work is divided into two fundamentally different periods due to stroke and partial paralysis in the right half of the body (1951). The first period is characterized by stylistic influences typical of Dutch painting from the 16th -17th centuries. The second period is characterized by an expressive manner of painting, combined with fabulous, often symbolic images and compositions of the countryside life.

ILIYA BESHKOV (1901-1958)

One of the most ruthless caricaturists and a brilliant painter from the first half of the 20th century. A distinguished Bulgarian artist who worked in the field of visual arts – painting and graphics, but also an interesting illustrator and fascinating pedagogue.

JULES PASCIN (1885-1930)

Born in Bulgaria, in a wealthy Jewish family, Jules was one of the most brilliant and cosmopolitan figures of Montparnasse in Paris. Pascin was one of the greatest Bohemians of his time, a friend of Amedeo Modigliani, Ernest Hemingway, Picasso, and George Papazov. In 1930 he opened two solo exhibitions – one in New York and one in Paris. On the opening day of his exhibition in Paris on 2nd June 1930, Pascin committed suicide at his atelier. To honor the artist, all art dealers closed their galleries in mourning.


“Enchanting Artist” and “Nobleman of Colors” are a small part of the many qualifiers that build up the controversial personality of the genius Neron. He created unforgettable watercolors, sculptures, woodcarvings and decorative sculptures that are highly appreciated outside Bulgaria. For him, “the turbulence of art” is above all.


The King of Watercolor” has left us numerous landscapes that recreate the beauty of the native nature with an enviable artistic and technical perfection of the watercolor, with gentle, translucent and transparent tones, in a beautiful musical harmony of form and color.


  “THE PAINTING POET OF THE MOUNTAIN”. Master of the small form, he manages to convey all the richness of colors and light in his landscapes. His paintings are like his life – real, alive, full of love and worship of the great mystery of nature.

GENKO GENKOV (1923-2006)

An author with extraordinary creative power, strong colors, and remarkable expressive shapes. He never signed his paintings. His style is his signature – captivating, perplexing and at the same time charming. Symbol of Sofia Bohemes and creative freedom, he has his different expressionist symbolism.


Extremely interesting painter, constantly changing in the abstract, but also easily recognizable with the power of his energy, regardless of the styles, and with the range of feelings that vary from joyful excitement to gloomy sarcasm. His paintings, overloaded with exuberant force, illustrate the continuous correlation between “the power of light and darkness.

IVAN ANDONOV (1934-2011)

Famous Bulgarian actor, director and artist-abstractionist.

BORIS NENOV (1921-2000)

He created still-life, landscapes and portraits, accomplished in the fashionable for his time neo-structuralism, but with the warmth of Balkan aesthetics. Landscapes are an exciting part of his work and have a direct impact on our senses through their distinctive harmony of tones.

KALINA TASEVA (born 1927)

Kalina gives her works a special subtle straightness, inherent only to some people chosen by fate.

MIHAIL LALOV (born 1952)

The Painter of Female Sensuality. Mihail Lalov’s works are overflowing with irresistible love. They represent a true feast of colors for the eye, in which are dipped pieces of hope, happiness, light, sprinkled with a pinch or two of eroticism.


The master of female body in painting. Works with harsh and bold colors. The artist describes his exaltation of the female flesh, explicitly ruling out any hint of psychology. Vihroni Popnedelev is a classic type of artist, he is an “artist of extinction because he works mostly in the four academic disciplines – landscape, portrait, naked body, still life.

ENCHO PIRONKOV (born 1932)

Characteristic of his abstract-expressive canvas are the intense tones that reveal the author’s deep emotionality. Pironkov often builds his compositions by entangling in the narrative of the work various geometrical figures bearing a certain meaningful charge. Thus the diamond, circle or reversed pyramid are represented as signs of parallel existence, balanced in the artistic space through other forms, free of rigid parameters – fish, horse, human figure.

IVAN MILUSHEV (born 1956)

One of the best known contemporary Bulgarian artists. His professional career focuses on painting, watercolor, graphics and illustrations. He is included in the “2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century” – a ranking of the International Biographical Center in Cambridge, England.

STOYAN TZANEV (born 1946)

His works are a symbol of contemporary Bulgarian painting and he is one of the most recognizable Bulgarian artists, “such as Ben Webster’s saxophone or Dinah Washington’s voice.”

I used to be a figurative artist some time ago. I had ideas, so through the figures I drew I pursued some of my views on life. That was a period that ended smoothly over time. Then I reached a new figural expression that dealt more with aesthetic problems “.

In Café Society by AA you can also find the names of contemporary and modern authors such as Hristo Kurdzhilov, Nikolay Petrov, Rumen Statkov, Nikolay Aleksiev and the sculptures of Petko Arnaudov, Dosyo Dosev, Andrei Moskov.

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