My red car headed towards a long-awaited fascinating destination – BlackSeaRama Golf and Villas. They were celebrating their 10th anniversary. I had received my invitation a month before the event, so I was looking forward to the 17th August!





I adore this place. I call it “the Bulgarian Tuscany”. Cozy summer houses are perched at the very edge of the cliffs, offering breathtaking views of the sea and the playfully rugged Kaliakra coastline. The turquoise spots of their private swimming pools line up in front of them. The private villas have their colorful charm with the beautiful courtyards decorated in different styles. Every house has its own character. I have recommended this place to many friends. They were never disappointed, only fascinated by the beautiful nature, the unique golf course designed by Gary Player himself, the luxurious villas and the exclusive gourmet restaurants.

I parked my car in front of the Club and hurried. I was greeted at the doorway with a smile and a welcoming glass of champagne, and seconds later the sunny hostess Zornitsa appeared. Wearing an elegant black dress, her arms wide open for a friendly hug, Zori is one of those people who you’d always like to be met by. Her warm words and attention make you feel special.

Who wouldn’t like that?!


The heavenly gardens of BSR /BlackSeaRama/ welcomed special guests and friends. The spirit of the celebration was floating in the air and its magic was complemented by the slight hint of the Venetian carnival – stilts, masks and San Marco himself… :))





The BSR party is a feast for all senses. The lovely Hilda Kazasyan makes you happy with that special jazz sophistication. You meet friends whom you have not seen for years. It’s easy nowadays, you are not surprised by the whole exchange of information :)) Facebook has taken care of everything :)) In the age of information, secrets are getting fewer and fewer. On the other hand, the conversation is much tighter and you have time for more friends :))







The official congratulations and greetings were accompanied by a rich gala dinner and an exclusive selection of drinks. And guess what puts a sign of equality between children and adults? The Fireworks, of course! The festive fireworks! They always bring lots of good mood and excitement to everyone. We were filming the fireworks, joyfully wondering: will there be more and more, and more?


Along with all other attractions, one of the biggest surprises was the special guest for the 10th anniversary – the London band “Stereo MCs”, the big boys of British rap. This electrifying mix of alternative hip-hop, house, electronic and alternative dance music made everyone join the dance floor. The sea breeze was elegantly scattering the powerful energy exchange between the dancers and the musicians on the stage. Having fun right under the starry sky with a scent of sea is really, very beautiful. It was a long night charged with wonderful emotions – the emotions of a social event full of style, sophistication and a very friendly mood!






Thank you, Marco and Zori, for this beautiful dance!

The dance of perfection!

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