Las Vegas

“Art costs money, but money is also art.” These words are by Svetla Snowdon, the number one financier in Las Vegas. 
We sit and have dinner by the pool in her cozy home. We talk about bills, money … topics, which for a designer is not very understandable, and, She with a wide, glowing smile calms me not to fill my head with figures and numbers and better to look at  fashion and art. So, stunned in sweet talk of white wine and light music, Svetla suddenly opens wide her eyes and says, “I have a great idea! Make a Joint Art Business Project! “  I am just waiting for that- different and unusual proposals. Already the next day, I arranged my fashion collection, specifically for the SDSNOWDON financial house. And what’s better for a designer than the one he created to get the right place and the right customers. Here, Business meets Fashion, and “She” is charmingly offered to him:
“Take me and try me, maybe I’ll suit you” :))
We created with Svetla an attractive fashion corner,
to surprise every guest who came in business. 
“Unexpected” we called our fashionable creation, which brings the white-black color, typical of the protocol fashion. The jewelery of CAFE SOCIETY by Albena ALEXANDER  are also present in her elegant office, precisely chosen by me and in keeping with the fashion accents.
We promised many fashion events and parties with a strong female presence! Svetla is an extremely positive person with very charging emotions.
Good luck, Dear friend, in our joint venture!
As it says in a Chinese proverb, if you want to go somewhere, you have to go!

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