Welcome to the jewellery treasure box of CAFÉ SOCIETY BY AA!

We bring to your attention a specially selected collection of leading Bulgarian jewellers who devoted themselves to the idea of Café Society and created unique single-copy models for our Art Community.

Each model is handcrafted and brings its unique character, so in the exhibited gallery we will not be able to offer all the works at once, but we will gradually add new jewels, as well as new creative authors.


DANIELA ANDREEVSKA – she works with silver, precious and semi precious stones, and crystals - jasper, mother of pearl, turquoise, amethyst, agate. Her original models made for Café Society by AA have names such as “Turbulence”, “Energy”, “The Ice Queen” and others.

When you see her models, you cannot help but want them all and at once, because they take you to a fairy world.

VIOLETA NAIDENOVA - a young lady, extremely exquisite and very precise in her work. She works with leather and ceramics. Leather dances in her hands. The bizarre and extravagant forms tell different stories inspired from the five elements of Feng Shui.

TEODOR LULCHEV - lecturer at the Bulgarian Academy of Fine Arts at the Department of Industrial Design, as well as in New Bulgarian University - Graphic Design.

In Café Society by AA, Teodor presents a collection of rings he called “Ecstasies” for which he says “The little things that cause great emotion!”

NIKOLAI SARDAMOV - the Bulgarian jeweller whose models adorn Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Skilled in detail, Nikolai forms three-dimensional compositions created by the artist's experimental spirit with unmatching materials. The collections include combinations of rubber and silver or gold; plastic with silver; sugar, wood and silver. The designer is known in Austria, Italy, Belgium, UK, Germany, even in Australia.

ALBENA ALEXANDROVA - in the section "Extravagant".

Her creations are large, dynamic, as if coming from the outer space. Exclusive supporter of the Cross as a symbol, she incorporates it in almost every jewel. The vertical line represents the divine, and the horizontal - the earthly. She works with semi precious stones - pink quartz, turquoise, black onyx and pearls.

Guest designers - Maria Ivanova, Victor Pavlov, Angelo Krasini.