“To become beautiful and filled with the energy of life; to stand on your feet, to stretch your spine, to open your shoulders and to lift your head; to receive a new state of resilience, acceptance, patience, all-embracing love - this is your fundamental right. “

NATHALIE DROIN - the creator of this feminine practice, filled with finesse and grace.


Sacral Body Architecture is an attempt to transform and hold the body in a new, upright state, thanks to physical exercise, body-ballet, inner spiritual work, breathing and prayer.

It is a conscious building of our own body as a construction. Anything you consider to be a flaw in your figure is just a reaction as a result of breaking the proper position within that structure from its basis. Any pain, sense of discomfort in your body or rapid fatigue results from the fact that your Body Temple is wrongly built.

To grow through the flow of conscious breathing in and breathing out, to get to know and adjust our smallest bones or joints – this is the discovery of a new literacy in the attitude to our own body. Building our body on our vertical and horizontal axes is like building our new home.

This is a school that connects spirit, soul and body through movement. This is a prayer and an intimate conversation with your own Temple, which will bring back the understanding of yourself and of your own situation in this life.



- adjust your posture;

- normalize your weight;

- harmonize your blood pressure;

- love and understand your body;

- bring your body to self-regulation;

- relieve the muscles strained from the stress;

- clean your body through deep breathing and movement;

- remove fatigue and improve your working capacity;

- straighten your legs, correct flat feet;

- strengthen your spine, as a physical and spiritual skeleton;

- restore the mobility of the joints and the elasticity of the ligaments;

- make your body more flexible, slimmer, with a lighter gait;

- release fears, complexes, inner insecurity;

- realize your rich creative potential;

- restore the balance within yourself and change the world around you;

- be happy, beautiful and desirable, and regain the feminine scent of flirtation.

This experience is neither a system nor a method, but A DIFFERENT WAY OF LIFE!

What way exactly? The way of living with the flow of love...


- if you have the desire to develop physically and spiritually;

- if you haven’t found a methodology specially designed for female nature and physiology;

- if you have the feeling of incompleteness and lack of holistic approach to your development as a woman;

- if you are concerned about energy loss, the irreversibility of aging, the loss of health and self-esteem;

- if you have pains in certain places on the body that you want to get rid of by helping yourself in finding out what projections they represent and what they are connected to at the mental level.


Results in terms of body healing and feeling of unity in your inner and outer world are gained after the first few practices.

Proper body construction leads to proper life!

ALBENA ALEXANDROVA discovered this unique practice for women in 2015 when she met the exciting VALENTINA VLADI, who initiated her in this Sacrament!

“I had the feeling that I started living in another body, more complete, more enthusiastic, more harmonious. The moment I heard about this practice, I recognized it as mine. I felt it pulsating in me, “says Albena.

“I was walking in the park with Valya when she stopped me and told me to look at my feet and to pay attention to how I walk. I couldn’t understand her. She continued:”Your right foot goes to the side and the left one goes straight. Why do you chase men away from your life?” I was very surprised with this question – it made sense, especially for someone with three marriages. I started actively doing Sacral Body Architecture, studying every gesture, posture, pain, body condition, which also revealed certain mental projections. Day by day my body cleansed, I lost weight and got stronger, and my head cleared as well. I started sleeping peacefully, all negative thoughts were gone. New people appeared in my life, happy and smiling, real friends. Everything around me also changed in a positive direction. The energy around was different. This was due to my new body and to the overall readjustment of the layers around me, to my desire for change through the Sacral Body Architecture.” Albena Alexandrova


Thus, by helping herself, Albena started teaching Sacral Body Architecture with the desire to help other women in this positive change which always starts with us.

At the beginning she assisted Valentina Vladi at the Sacral Body Architecture workshops throughout Bulgaria.

Now she leads individual and group practices with her clients at RUDRAAKSHA Holistic Gallery. You can contact her for consultation.

“I am happy because some of the women who come to me found their soul mate after having been alone for a long time. Sacral Body Architecture activates female energies and changes our charisma. Others got pregnant and now we have sacral babies. Others changed their way of life. Female Energy is such a great element! As long as we know how and we realize why!“ says Albena.