Life met me with the designer Albena Alexandrova, a few years ago, at one of her unique performances: “Elegance and style in seven steps”.
The magic of fashion, colors, shape, fabrics, in the way of the Designer’s personal charisma, has conquered me. Through her lectures I found out for myself that the garment is not just a thing, but the body is a hanger: it carries the emotion, the feelings of its creator. And when I reach for the closet to find the right dress, I always think of those simple but important steps that Albena has taught me and continues to do so.
Its experience, style and creativity, a personal approach to every client, are inspiring!
The contact and the work with the designer Albena Alexandrova gave me a lot of knowledge and approach:
About how important is the fabric of the garment, its shape, its length, its width, its efficacy; about how my body clings to what is right for it – according to style and sensations; about how in the situation and place – requires certain shapes, colors, fabrics; about how a small accessory changes overall radiation; for colors – how they strengthen or trim the beauty or the features of the body; and last but not least – the elaboration and following of personal style and originality.
Albena knows how to open up to every client her most beautiful and he blossoms, dressing the well-chosen line, model, dress color, costume, and so on.
And I will always be grateful for the lessons given to me by the Designer! Albena does not stop to train, advise and learn! I feel confident, beautiful and safe in the various situations where I have to make my fashion choice!
Beauty is energy and Albena knows how to handle it! Encourage good choice and style, correct as needed.
Thanks to the Designer for the universe Fashion, which opened for me in a different light! Thanks for receiving her advice and that gives me the self-confidence to be myself – through clothes and accessories!