Before I went to Albena, her story had got ahead of her. It had already reached me.

I assembled it piece by piece, methodically and carefully – it arrived like that in time. It was settling in my world with a provocative explicitness, establishing its way to my meeting with her. I did not know her and in the same time I knew her. I could see the results of her work. Her style overwhelmed me with unruly elegance, plastic expression of the silhouette and daring self-confidence. And this constant conceptuality in her trademark Roshavata garga, which connected all the pieces in Albena … and invited me to meet her.

So I finally went to 15, Aksakov Str.

The pathway to her greeted me generously. The mirrors multiplied the light. The air played with the reflections and filled the entrance with charm. And the taste of scenery in the workshop just grabbed me and took me beyond the fabric, beyond the cut, beyond the garment, to the world of Albena.

Then Albena appeared. This was our first meeting.

Did we talk about clothes? Yes, we talked about self-expression through clothes but only in the first words. From the taste for clothing we got to the taste for life, to the conscious and the unconscious, to the worldview in both human and cosmic dimensions…

And there you discover Albena in abundance – RG, Sacral body architecture and Holistic Gallery Rudraaksha, on the way through self-knowledge and self-awareness towards self-expression…

Thank you, Albena, for the shared moments! Inner joy and lightness fill my being every time we share our ways.