Whatever I might write about Albena would be insufficient. Destiny connected us 3 years ago but it seems we have been together for 3 lives. Since the first moment I realized that I had met a lady with Style, Character, Charm and Aristocracy – the qualities of a real designer, Woman and “Shaggy Crow”. Because her motto is: “If it’s a crow, let it be a shaggy one”.

What fascinated me in her is that she is not even slightly fake. Despite being famous, she is very down-to-earth and generous in sharing her energy, Love, time, clothes, stones and jewels. She’s a real Magic!

She fell in love from the first sight with the region of Dobrudza and its people. It is not by coincidence that she was named Albena. If you are lucky, you might hear the story of her nameJ.

But I went astray with my thoughts. I can speak a lot about Albena, but the main thing I want to share is her Sacral role. She was nurtured with this sacrament and carries it through her life with Beauty, both on the outside and on the inside. Sacral Woman, Sacral Fashion Diva, Sacral in her spiritual pursuit as well – everything suits her. And it fits her!


I love you, Sacral Albena!

Yours, Valentina Vladi