The more advanced the technologies of making and sewing fashion attributes, the more we, the designers, somehow try to resist this depressing massification. We dress in one style because it's “fashionable”, we wear clothes from poor quality materials or “one-day clothes”, and we wear replicas of the Great Names in fashion created in some village in China... What else shall we witness, Miss Vanity?!

All this is getting terribly boring, especially for fashion connoisseurs, for whom Fashion is not just a brand, and who will not buy clothes from the huge four-storey shops where the words "Copy-Paste" are like the bible when creating a garment!

The nostalgia for the really high style and the class of fashion masterpieces has recently been acknowledged through choosing expensive fabrics, unique cuts, special accessories.

"Even in the age of the matrix everyone has their own fingerprint!" - AA

The personal choice of style, the desire to own a Unique outfit created by the Great Names in fashion, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Sonia Rykiel, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Hanae Mori, Alexander McQueen, Nina Ricci, Michel Perry and many others, gave birth to the so called VINTAGE style. The pronunciation of the term depends on the transliteration, and the meaning is inspired by wine-making. “Vendange” or "good harvest" is a product made in a given period and year. Well matured and reached to date, it carries the spirit of the history of the age in which it appeared.

The interest in Vintage style dates from the 1990s when famous Hollywood actresses began dressing up in clothes of past ages.

Vintage fashion is for connoisseurs. Owning a garment, stitched personally by the great Yves Saint Laurent, is a true treasure for fashion connoisseurs. Some of the fashion designers are not among us anymore but they have left us a rich heritage. Others have sold their brand to luxury monopolists, but we will remember their lessons in style, the authentic and original idea of the special garment.

The great Saint Laurent said that “Fashion changes, but style stays!”

“My clothes are handed over from mother to daughter, and they will always be up to date.”

Well, that's Yves! Live the King!

Some of the clothes have had previous owners; others were related to interesting stories.

But when you buy Vintage, you buy a way of life! The possession of such objects, whose history reveals another culture, teaches you to appreciate what you possess and obliges you to give them the proper respect.

And something very important!


  1. They bear the signature of the Great Names in Fashion related to the Haute Couture, known and recognized throughout the world.
  2. Vintage style is divided into three periods:

a / 1920 - 1960

b / 1960-1990

c / 1990-2005, some of the hardest and at the same time the strongest years for the High Fashion masters. They struggled to prove that High Fashion is still possible in the age of massification.

  1. It’s handed over within one family until it’s auctioned to a collector.
  2. These clothes are visibly high-class and do not fit in the clothing for mass use. They are handmade and feature expensive fabrics and perfect cuts.

Even if you are not an expert, you will make the difference after such detailed explanations!

Here, on my website, in our VINTAGE gallery you will meet the names of:

  1. Yves Saint Laurent - THE KING!

Under his trademark, Laurent made some revolutions in the taste for fashion by introducing a lot of men's clothes in the ladies’ wardrobe like the blazer, trench, leather jacket, but most of all the TAILLEUR SUIT WITH TROUSERS. Marlene Dietrich's costume!

Yves was recognized as the creator of the "pret-a-porter"- ready-to-wear clothing with designer’s features. That’s how the line “La Rive Gauche” and later”Variation” appeared.

The genius stylist was the first who made a reverence to the retro and in 1971 he brought back to life the unique sophistication of the 1940s.

  1. Sonia Rykiel – “The Queen of Knitwear” - with unique clothing and accessories, including the Madonna bag, specially developed for one of her videos - a model of the brand that continues to be up to date in various interpretations.
  2. Michel Perry – in 1995 his boots “Louis XIV” were awarded Model of the Year and he became Shoemaker of the Year!
  3. Christian Louboutin - with his classic shoe model that was developed specially for the show of the French cabaret "Crazy Horse" and later appeared on the window displays of the luxury boutiques.
  4. Gianni Versace - Versace's cashmere coat from 1996, a year before he was shot in front of his house in Miami.
  5. Roberto Cavalli – a dress with gilet from his 2002 runway show, especially for the opening of his first café-boutique in Florence, reconstructed in his typical animal prints.


  1. Gucci - with their signature Bamboo Couture.
  2. Zanotti - with their extravagant Fishbone sandals!

And also:

  1. Galliano for Christian Dior
  2. Stephane Roland for Jean-Louis Scherrer – “Demie Couture”
  3. Hanae Mori
  4. Barbara Bui
  5. Nina Ricci
  6. Pierre Balmain

In the VINTAGE GALLERY I DISPLAYED EMBLEMATIC MODELS of world-class designers, which feature the style of the author who designed them for a particular brand, so they are symbolic of that brand. They will remain in fashion history as a reminder of an age of high class and style in which the HAUTE COUTURE or High Fashion was a vocation.

Collectors and connoisseurs interested in vintage fashion can contact me through the contact form on our website.